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Phil has worked with me on a professional level, coaching and steering me in respect of my new Head of Department role and the challenges and opportunities that role has brought. Phil is extremely professional yet so easy to work with and brings a vast amount of experience and expertise to his craft. I have gained so much from our coaching sessions which I will carry with me in my role and into the future. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone looking to engage with someone who is able to add significant value both personally and professionally.

Sarah Collier, Head of Employment Law, KBL Solicitors LLP

"I first met Phil as a speaker on a national platform. We quickly established rapport and kept in touch. Sometime later I read an interesting article written by Phil on organisational change it resonated with me and the challenges that I was facing at the time. I asked Phil to work with me on a strategic business review and a complex restructure that I was leading on behalf of my Board. He offered insight, support and challenge to my vision and purpose as a Chief Executive. He also provided expert support and guidance with his expertise in HR and OD to enable the plan. Phil continues to provide support and challenge to help me formulate my ongoing business strategy."

Paul O’Brien , Chief Executive, APSE

Phil is an exceptional business/leadership coach and I can't recommend him highly enough! Working with Phil helped me to look at my own personal development as part of my business growth. He helped me to identify personal mental barriers that were in the way of my goals and then how to focus on challenging these perceptions to ensure I can focus on how to overcome them. Phil is approachable, warm and an excellent listener. This focus allows him to ask insightful questions about the direction of your business and how to navigate the road ahead.

Owen Phillips, Development Manager, Community Connector

After 2 years in business I was keen to find a coach that could help me explore my ideas and development my business. Phil helped me be able to free the potential in myself and explore my business plans for the future. He helped me transform my ideas in to action. I always came away from our sessions feeling energised, positive and ready to put the plans into action. Phil showed empathy towards the issues I presented and was able to help me see into the future. He supported me to be proactive, think that things are possible, and helped me discover a way to make plans and ideas happen. He helped me to determine my next steps as a business, offering his knowledge and experience in business. He is a conscientious business coach with contagious energy, and helped me quickly determine strategies for moving into my vision of growth. Phil is gifted in understanding my purpose, and helped increase my confidence to see that my dreams are worthy and possible. He is a talented and active listener who builds great rapport from the start. He really is a natural in coaching, and I would highly recommend him if you are looking for business coaching and support.

Louise Green, Founder and Director, LHT Wellbeing Limited.

Phil was commissioned to lead a Pan London project on behalf of 33 London Local Authorities to provide HR Directors with a practical framework and guidance to drive HR activities to help assure organisational readiness to respond to major emergency and civil resilience incidents across the capital.     Phil quickly picked up the brief and collaborated well with a diverse group of senior level stakeholders to deliver the project within agreed timescales.  His end report and guidance was well received by senior leaders and is now being considered by all London Boroughs.    I would highly recommend Phil, and his highly professional approach to developing and managing projects involving multiple stakeholders. 

Mark Sawyer, London Local Authority Chief Executive Resilience Advisor

"Phil is a true HR/OD professional with an extensive range of skills and senior executive experience. I have worked with Phil on a number of change progammes and I have been impressed with the innovation, creativity and energy that he always demonstrates. Phil's expertise is in business transformation and organisational development and he has a passion for modernising services to deliver tangible 'business' performance outcomes and value for money for customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending his work. And... he is great fun to work with!"

Alison McKenzie-Folan, Chief Executive, Wigan Council

"It’s not always easy having an external consultant on site looking at the work of your team. Phil’s interpersonal style made this a lot easier for me. I found his interest in my work and professional views helped me to develop and grow within my role. His coach/mentoring style helped me to gain clarity in my thoughts and actions, and resulted in me being more impactful in supporting the work of senior leaders."

Emma Redwood, People and OD Team Manager

"Phil quickly established rapport with myself and colleagues and got to the heart of the key elements of our existing culture. He skilfully supported a difficult internal restructure process balancing the needs of the organisation with the impact upon existing senior managers. He also helped us to build a comprehensive picture of our barriers to organisational change and managed to find a way of feeding them back that engaged the wider leadership team in meaningful discussion about next steps."

Alan Robinson, Strategic Lead for Democracy and Business Support

"Phil is a great colleague and demonstrates real clarity in matters relating to organisational development, transformational change and all matters relating to human resources. He inspires confidence and commands respect from colleagues, peers and elected members. Phil demonstrates a strong understanding of the changing face of the public sector and the need to establish and function through different partnerships to be effective in the future."

Lorraine Butcher, Executive Director for Strategic Commissioning, Cheshire East Council

“Phil has provided both me personally, and the organisation, with some really excellent support around our OD agenda. He is very knowledgable, customer focused, intuitive and innovative. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Jamie Sims, HRD, Local Government 

"Phil worked with me, and a multi disciplinary community based team to support us through a radical change programme. It was a massive challenge as he was greeted with unhappy and confused staff. He helped me to develop and to lead the team in a different way. Phil spent time understanding the way I thought and behaved; and helped me to challenge and reflect upon my thinking and beliefs about leadership and management. As a team we learned how to effect positive long term change. Phil helped me change from being a manager to a more effective and proactive leader, focusing my time, energy and resources on acting on the right things. Phil enabled me to challenge and understand our work in a different way. The team with Phil’s encouragement, guidance and experience developed tools that shaped our practice and provide evidence of what worked.  Phil worked with individuals to support them in understanding – this was not an easy task due to the team feeling exposed and challenged. Phil modified his response and level of support depending on the situation. We now deliver better outcomes for service users at less cost.  Employee engagement and morale has improved dramatically. It has been a challenging and difficult experience for me affecting the changes that I wanted to see was not easy, however my personal growth and development has been significant; this would not have happened without Phil’s support, encouragement, prompting and coaching throughout the process.”

Karen Burton, Team Manager, Integrated Community Team – Health and Social Care

“Working with Phil has allowed me to reevaluate my career and goals, I’m extremely grateful for the impact this has had. Phil’s ability to construct an enjoyable, congruent and engaging approach to each session has meant his skills and expertise have helped me to experience personal and professional growth and face new challenges with confidence.”

Steve Devine, Digital Consultant, Cultural Sector

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