Supporting you - One to One Support


Helping you to realise personal ambitions by supporting you to make changes in your approach to life...

Make A Change offers you one to one support through a range of expert help and guidance enabling you to get the best out of work and life.  

It is specifically designed to support you and is fuelled by our passion to help people develop better habits. Connecting you with your values. Getting more of what you want in life. 

We have helped a diverse range of people to accomplish major changes in their life.


  • Career development

  • Leadership skills

  • Managing difficult relationships at work

  • Confidence building

  • Changing habits, fears and phobias

  • Interview preparation

  • Job Search

  • CV Preparation

“I have found each of the sessions with Phil incredibly helpful. They have opened up areas of my life – both work and home, which I had “buried” for years. Each session has provided me with a real insight into my learning style, management style, and behavioural traits. Phil has been a major inspiration and helped me to get to know myself better.”

Chief Executive, District Council

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