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Few Leaders Are Well Prepared For The Challenges Ahead- We Can Show You Some Short Cuts

The expectations are high, resources are tight, and the list of priorities will be sure to grow.  We know because we have been there too!
Staying in good psychological shape is often something that few people actually pay attention to in the early stages of a new role.
We can help you to stay on top of your game plan with a simple structured approach to give you a head start and to hit the ground running- in the right direction for you, and at a pace that works for you.

"Reflect upon an image of a top class sports person preparing for their latest challenge.  Can you imagine them spending little time on their preparations? Atheletes on top of their game  look holistically at their challenges and plan and measure their own development towards a goal.  They keep themselves in good physical and mental shape. They build an effective team around them to ensure they achieve their vision and goals.  Sadly, this is much less the case for senior leaders. But we can help you ensure that you won’t fall in to the same trap."Phil Badley

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We recognise that no two clients are the same and so we do not offer an off the shelf package approach but will tailor our support to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Grabbing Your Slice Of The PIE- Defining you brand of leadership

  • Search For The Hero Inside Yourself - leading with presence

  • Being The Best Team That You Can Be- Developing a high performance culture

  • People Work Perfectly- Developing and growing your potential

  • Making The Best Career Choice For You- Taking the next steps in your life plan

  • We are experienced at providing the right blend of support and challenge to enable you to gain clarity in your thinking and take effective action.

“I have found each of the sessions with Phil incredibly helpful. They have opened up areas of my life – both work and home, which I had “buried” for years. Each session has provided me with a real insight into my learning style, management style, and behavioural traits. Phil has been a major inspiration and helped me to get to know myself better.”

Chief Executive, Service Organisation

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