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Helping individuals develop new habits through NLP and personal coaching

At senior level it often feels inappropriate to ‘bare your soul’ or share your real thoughts and feelings with other colleagues. This could be because, as the boss, you believe you need to project strength and decisiveness at all times; you might feel that as a senior leader this just goes with the territory, either personally or culturally. Equally, admitting a ‘weakness’ might cause others to exploit your situation.

This is where an experienced coach can make a real difference. Individual coaching enables you to take time out to really reflect upon the organisational and personal challenges that are impacting on your ability to achieve. Time is always precious; priorities seem always to be competing. Relationships can sometimes be difficult – insight, understanding and strategy are key to managing them.

  • You may be on top of your game and want to keep it that way.

  • You may be a high flying professional or technical expert moving into leadership or management and seeking to advance to the next level.

  • You may be an experienced individual overwhelmed by your workload and the demands upon your time.

  • You may be seeking your next step on the ladder, wishing to gain clarity and hone your performance.

  • You may have made that next step and now feel temporarily ‘out of your depth’, looking for support to help you focus upon developing a fit for the role.

  • We are experienced at providing the right blend of support and challenge to enable you to gain clarity in your thinking and take effective action.

“I have found each of the sessions with Phil incredibly helpful. They have opened up areas of my life – both work and home, which I had “buried” for years. Each session has provided me with a real insight into my learning style, management style, and behavioural traits. Phil has been a major inspiration and helped me to get to know myself better.”

Chief Executive, District Council

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Our support programmes are centred on face-to-face sessions, in complete confidence, at your place of work or another location if you prefer. We can also offer phone, Skype and email support as part of the package.

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