Helping you to make a difference

Helping Leaders to Make Change Stick

Working on your businessUnderstanding your needs

As a business owner you face a constant challenge: do I work on business growth or work in the business to deliver today. For micro and small business owners this can be a particular challenge. However, it can all to often be the an issue for leaders in larger organisations too.

I have worked in the complex world of large organisations and who has since spent the last decade working as a micro business.  I understand leadership pressures. The focus upon delivering in the short term is often at the expense of longer term plans for business growth.

Supporting you to achieve

I am passionate about supporting business leaders to take time out to work on business growth. Perhaps the challenge is about how to find ways to make the business work better.  Maybe the demand for your services is growing and you need the headspace to work out how to grow to a scale that feels right for you.

I have always been fascinated by what makes people tick, and how each of us engages with changes in life. I learned from quite a few mistakes along the way and became fascinated to learn how to make personal and organisational change stick.

Focusing upon improvement

Time is often at a premium for business owners, so there are no long programmes of change in my offer. I help people to focus upon their key business issues in a straight forward way.  Helping you to find ways that will make the difference.  From here we offer support to enable leaders to be at their best more of the time and achieve business growth.

“I was left feeling energised, positive and ready”

Here is what Louise thought of the time we worked upon her business growth and the approach we took that helped her to successfully grow her business.

Phil helped me be able to free the potential in myself and explore my business plans for the future. He helped me transform my ideas into action.  I always came away from our sessions feeling energised, positive and ready to put the plans into action.  Phil showed empathy towards the issues I presented and was able to help me see into the future.  He supported me to be proactive, think that things are possible, and helped me discover a way to make plans and ideas happen.

Get in touch to find out how our approach can help you tackle your key business leadership challenges. Our conversation may well be the difference that makes the difference in your life. Contact us