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Values Driven Business Strategy

• Being clear about the purpose of your business and having clarity about what underpins your vision is critical. Successful organisations work constantly at maintaining their focus and live their values.

• Constantly communicating direction and living the values as a senior team is vital.

• We help leaders to take stock of the current position and to develop a coherent approach to implementing change.

• Much talked about in business but often treated as a project. You can only gain a business advantage when everyone in the organisation both demonstrates the behaviours, and experiences them from colleagues in an authentic way. The true test is when your customers experience the difference.

• Bringing this to life can be a tough challenge for busy executives.

• We help leaders to better understand the current culture and support improved engagement, and alignment of the workforce.

• The alignment of an organisation’s processes and outcomes to enable it to deliver its core purpose is critically important. All too often restructuring takes place for tactical operational reasons and the unintended consequences and impact of such change is often not experienced until much later on. The impact upon changes in structure and process and performance are often not linked, or understood.

• Understanding the nature of demand within an organisation and designing against demand delivers better outcomes.

• We help leaders to shape their business to deliver better outcomes.

• Planning and delivering a business strategy through an integrated set of policies and processes enables colleagues across a business to maximize their contribution can be a complex web to navigate.

• When leaders practically engage with and nurture such alignment the results pay dividends. Facilitating a focus upon the right things often benefits from impartial support.

• We help leaders to develop their organisations to deliver better outcomes.

• Organisations need agility to learn and respond to changes within their business environment and to keep ahead of the game.

• Successful leaders have learned to engage with a cycle of personal learning through experimentation that helps them to make informed choices about business change.

• Coaching others to engage and be curious about improvement is an important component of effective change.

• We will help leaders to learn in action and encourage a culture of improvement.

• There is a complex balance between having structure and order to introducing change and the dynamic context in which organisations operate in practice. The reality is that it is more of an art than a science. And yet many organisations operate change programmes as if they were in laboratory conditions. Life is more complex.

• Programme Boards, and progress reports often hide the truth about the rate of change. A change in leadership thinking is required.

• We support leaders in ensuring that they have got the right balance between programming and delivery.

Values Driven People Strategy

• Recruiting, retaining, and developing skilled employees with the right mindset to help drive your business forward is ‘vital’.

• With so much attention being paid to the day to day running of the business it is easy for leaders to ‘take their eye off the ball’ when it comes to developing and retaining future leaders at all levels of the organisation.

• We help leaders to identify current organisational capability and to reflect upon future needs, and decide what it will take to close the gap.

• With so much data around organisations today it is sometimes hard to define what information matters. Similarly, traditional periodic appraisal systems are not delivering their intended purpose.
They can even become an end in themselves!

• Aligning operational measures with business goals and using the data to learn and improve organisational response is an important part of a leaders role. Reliance on remote data and a dashboard can give a false sense of security.

• We help leaders to work out what is important and support them in bringing about the change they need.

• Sometimes confused with more formal structured forms of consultation employee engagement sits along side the other components of business strategy.

• It is about leaders communicating a clear sense of direction, and actively supporting managers to nurture colleagues to be able to deliver their best performance. Developing an authentic culture that encourages colleagues to positively engage in the smooth operation and future development of the business.

• We help leaders to challenge the status quo and actively engage with colleagues across the business to develop a culture of learning and improvement.

• Focusing resources on developing people to meet the current and future needs of an organisation results from clarity about direction and the pace of implementation.

• Identifying key strengths, and gaps in capability will improve business outcomes. Developing the right mix of approaches to closing the gap and meeting the needs of learners is important.

• We help leaders to better understand organisational need and support actions to close the gap.

• Having a remuneration strategy that supports the organisations purpose and ambition is an important part of business strategy.

• Decisions about business structure, job roles, and reward mechanisms will all impact bottom line performance, and affect the way in which employees are attracted, engage, and are retained.

• We help leaders to tailor their approach to help deliver business outcomes.

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"I first met Phil as a speaker on a national platform. We quickly established rapport and kept in touch. Sometime later I read an interesting article written by Phil on organisational change it resonated with me and the challenges that I was facing at the time. I asked Phil to work with me on a strategic business review and a complex restructure that I was leading on behalf of my Board. He offered insight, support and challenge to my vision and purpose as a Chief Executive. He also provided expert support and guidance with his expertise in HR and OD to enable the plan. Phil continues to provide support and challenge to help me formulate my ongoing business strategy."

Paul O’Brien, Chief Executive, APSE

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