Achieving High Performing Teams


Your leadership team can make or break your chances of success...

Investing time to create the right team environment will enhance the likelihood of high performance and better results. 

Being at Your Best-  we work with teams who are committed to improvement.  We create learning environments that enable teams to do their best work more of the time.  
Our support to leaders and teams is fuelled by our passion to:
  • Help you develop better leadership habits.  
  • Connect you with your values and develop more effectve behaviours.
  • Help you get more of what you want in life. 
Our facilitation helps teams to get better results by focusing upon the following themes. 


  • Clarifying your purpose and direction

  • Defining outcomes and measuring success

  • Defining the climate and environment for high performance

  • Designing organisations that deliver great outcomes

  • Developing a culture of learning, improvement and commitment

  • Challenging and managing dysfunctional behaviour

  • Creating a sustainable high performing organisation

"I first met Phil as a speaker on a national platform. We quickly established rapport and kept in touch. Sometime later I read an interesting article written by Phil on organisational change it resonated with me and the challenges that I was facing at the time. I asked Phil to work with me on a strategic business review and a complex restructure that I was leading on behalf of my Board. He offered insight, support and challenge to my vision and purpose as a Chief Executive. He also provided expert support and guidance with his expertise in HR and OD to enable the plan. Phil continues to provide support and challenge to help me formulate my ongoing business strategy."

Paul O'Brien, Chief Executive, APSE

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