Case Studies

We thought that we would give you an idea of how we have worked with other clients to help you understand the way our company works with its clients. 

These case studies show how we have helped leaders achieve improvements in operational performance, improved service delivery and achieving greater efficiency. 

You will find a number of examples of our work here. They are not designed to be prescriptive, but show you a sample of the type of work that we do.

  • Developing leadership capability

    Developing leadership capability

    Leadership and Management We were asked by the Chief Executive to provide coaching/mentoring support to a senior technical director to develop their leadership and management capability during a major change programme. Enabling the leader to focus upon his key areas […]

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  • Improving Customer Outcomes

    Improving Customer Outcomes

    A short case study snowing how we improved customer services within a high quality provider of housing, care, and support for older people providing around 1,100 housing units, care homes with several hundred bed spaces and 10,000 hours of community […]

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  • Improving Performance

    Improving Performance

    Improving Performance We work with clients on improving performance.  This is a short article on how we have helped leaders achieve improvements in operational performance, improved service delivery, and achieving greater efficiency. A council was keen to boost its economic development […]

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  • Driving Better Results

    Driving Better Results

    The Brief Phil worked with a single tier council, the CCG and a care services provider to seek out improvements to community based services to Older People by facilitating change management processes that became embedded in local practice. The Results […]

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