Career Inspirations - The Myth

The myth of the ideal career. 

So, what is the myth? As a younger person, everything around me lead me to believe that adults in my life had it sorted.  They had chosen a job that they loved-  their dream career.  The dream that they had a child was being lived out in reality.  

Life has taught me that this is much less likely to be true!  With the exception of a few people in my life most have ended up in different jobs.  However, younger people in my social network are largely still believing the myth of my own childhood.  

I am keen to build a more realistic picture of the working world so that young people setting out in their working life have a more informed view of careers and career choices.

We are currently conducting research into the myth and will be reporting our findings here.

If you would like to help me by sharing your own career story with me then please get in touch via our contact page.