Our articles are a way of expressing our view of the world of work.

They will give you a flavour of our thinking, and are also intended to give you a sense of who we are and what we believe in as a company.

  • Values Driven Leaders Enable Better Performance
  • What’s that weight on your back?

    What’s that weight on your back?

    I was engaged in a coaching session and suddenly became aware of how sad this person looked as he talked about his life at work.  His frame was hunched over, his eyes had lost their sparkle, and his speech was slower than […]

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  • Are you wasting up to 60% of your capability?
  • Learned Behaviour

    Learned Behaviour

    My learning on the journey of life has taught me that the education system has taught us that ‘teacher knows best’. The system ensures that Teachers have the script: they have all the answers. They have the power and authority […]

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  • Keeping your life on track

    Keeping your life on track

    I was commuting on a train recently and found myself listening to the conversations going on around me in the carriage. My fellow commuters were all business people, all absorbed in their latest panic. Papers spread across their laps, or […]

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  • Chasing deadlines

    Chasing deadlines

    I have missed my deadlines! I should have completed all my end of year reviews by the end of last month. I am late putting the final touches to my business plan, and the performance team wants to know the […]

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  • Thinking the unthinkable

    Thinking the unthinkable

    One night driving home from work I began thinking about the challenges for leaders in the workplace given the context of a tough economic climate, and the pressure upon the public sector to continue to find significant financial savings. For […]

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  • Try spinning one plate at a time!

    Try spinning one plate at a time!

    Making things happen quickly seems to be a challenge facing more executives as everyone pushes to get more with less. How quickly can we meet? Is often heard in conversations. Well it seems that speed is relative! A client that […]

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  • The business of leadership

    The business of leadership

    Do people’s faces light up when you come in to a room, or when you leave it? Perhaps the bigger question is how many of us would actually notice, and be able to give an honest answer to the question. […]

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  • Do you need to get out more?

    Do you need to get out more?

    A  reflection upon the madness of the schedules that run our corporate lives, and what you can do to change it.  I find myself working with leaders who seem to have less and less time, and yet more and more pressure […]

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