Chasing Deadlines

  • Chasing Deadlines

    Chasing Deadlines

    I have missed my deadlines! I should have completed all my end of year reviews by the end of last month. I am late putting the final touches to my business plan, and a performance improvement plan.  The performance team also wants to know the reasons why my numbers were down for the last quarter.

    It seems to be getting harder each time. The last management review removed three of my colleagues and I inherited two extra reports to go with the six that I already have. The performance objectives that had been set for the new guys have been passed on to me together with the outstanding objectives from two of the managers that did not survive the last jobs cull.

    Everyone seems to me to be trying really hard, but according to the latest guidance from HR I need to score three of my team as under performing. This means that they will miss out on a bonus, and I will have to fill in a detailed performance improvement plan with each of them, which I have to monitor on a monthly basis.

    If I fail to do this then my boss will put me on to a performance improvement plan! I am drowning in paperwork; well I tell a lie some of it is paperless. We have a new on line web based portal to update our performance metrics on each week.

    Honestly I spend more time staring at my computer screen up dating forms and scorecards than I do actually trying to do my job. Is this what I joined this business to do? I talked down the pub with a few of my mates and they mainly seem to be caught in the same trap.


    The end of year reviews are all based on the revised competency framework, revised again this year by HR, and also have to link into the business plan targets for the team. Mine are linked to the team and to my boss, and so on.  It’s a maze. I am not sure that anyone really understands what it all means. The online guidance and video blogs don’t help much with explaining what we need to know, I just need someone to talk to in person, but the HR team now operate out of a contact centre 400 miles away.

    The game at the end of the year is to come up with smart words to show how what we ended up doing looks like it fits with the original plan. I have become pretty skilled at making things look ok. In truth what we actually do and what we put into the plans are very different, but as long as the right boxes are filled in and we can come up with a sensible reason why we missed target we can usually get away with it. What a way to run a business!

    I sometimes wonder whether everyone is up the same trick? Is the MD also spinning the numbers with the board? He must be! As long as the board is happy then we live to breath another day.


    As for this years business plan, well everyone else seems to be rolling forward last years ideas and adding a bit at the margin on performance targets. You have to do it to survive, but it feels like cloud cuckoo land to me. It feels more and more like a losing streak when betting on the horses. A few of my colleagues have let all this get to them and it has starting to impact upon their home lives. One of my colleagues had her longstanding partner walk out on her the other week, because she was hardly ever at home.

    The culture of presenteeism means that we have to be seen to be at work crunching the numbers. Two of my colleagues are off with stress, and I am not sure that one of them will ever come back. Maybe it’s for the best, at least he will end up with some sort of deal to keep him quite and the company out of the courts!

    I have to sit down later this week with one of my reports, to talk to him about his performance improvement plan for this month. It’s going to be a difficult conversation you see because he is very good at his job and brings in great results; in fact he is ahead of target. The problem is he is ahead on the wrong target.

    Let me explain a bit further – the powers that be have decided that we need to review ten clients a day, and this is the target that we get measured on.  Well Alan has only been hitting around five a day for the last three months, so things are not looking too good for him. The problem is that he has actually converted more of his reviews in to new business than any other member of the team, but the other team members regular hit their target for reviews. How can I explain that one to him?

    The business needs new business to survive, but the target is for numbers of completed reviews.

    The big bosses don’t seem to realize the implications for the business.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the bonuses they are due at the end of the financial year?

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