The Business of Leadership

  • The Business of Leadership

    The Business of Leadership

    Leadership Awareness

    As someone in a leadership and management role – do people’s faces light up when you come in to a room, or when you leave it?

    Perhaps the bigger question is how many of us in leadership and management positions would actually notice, and be able to give an honest answer to the question?

    Our own self-awareness of the impact that we have upon others has a growing importance for those of us keen to develop our emotional intelligence as leaders.

    The competence of leaders and managers is clearly under the spotlight, as the majority of organisations strive for business transformation.  Authentic leadership has a real part to play in achieving change.

    Getting the right balance between business growth and business as usual balance between business growth and business as usual; enabling the business to deliver high quality services to customers is complex.

    Often, the culture within our complex hierarchical organisations can be a significant barrier to delivering the lasting changes needed.

    Control or Engagement

    The game plan has changed from managing corporate fiefdoms to working across networks of people, internal and external to the organisation.  Many of the traditional rules of leadership and management  that have worked in the past are becoming redundant.  Some would argue that the role of a manager is to maintain the status quo, through planning, controlling, and maintaining consistency.

    Leadership and management

    By contrast leaders who build effective relationships and alliances and are more likely to be judged on their ability to drive and effect change; creating an environment where everyone can deliver to their full potential.  So, effective leadership requires increased self-awareness, the ability to lead and influence, and deliver results through lasting and beneficial change.

    Too much time is spent away from the core business in strategy meetings dreaming up new ideas to make target. Benchmarking, looking out for best practice, and seminars to learn what others have done.

    Relying  upon performance reports, and project updates is less likely to help those of us in leadership and management to make a difference.  The default is to issue instructions, generate new policies and procedures, rather than spending time studying and understanding what gets in the way of getting the job done and what best meets customer demand.

    An Alternative Perspective

    Replace this with a more common sense view that suggests if you study the organisation, and get real knowledge about what is happening around the patch you will learn more and improve real performance.

    Once you understand this, then you can really make a difference as a leader by removing barriers and blockages to effective performance.

    Leadership and management

    However, you cannot do this from the comfort of your office. You have to be directly connected to the sharp end on a regular basis. This is not about a back to the floor event; it’s about systemically changing the notion of corporate leadership behaviour.

    For some of us this will require a long hard look at our own leadership style and sphere of influence within the organisation.  For others it may be more about creating capacity to make a more effective contribution.

    So, returning to the question of leadership, next time you walk in to a room be more aware of the impact that you are having, and you will have started your journey towards improving your approach to leadership.improving your approach to leadership.

    Supporting Leaders and managers

    DiamondNine help leaders to purposefully reflect upon their current challenges, and identify practical and pragmatic ways of getting balance back into the demands upon your life, and delivering positive results in life and work. To find out more about how we can help you why not Contact us