Developing leadership capability

  • Developing leadership capability

    Developing leadership capability

    Leadership and Management

    We were asked by the Chief Executive to provide coaching/mentoring support to a senior technical director to develop their leadership and management capability during a major change programme.

    • Enabling the leader to focus upon his key areas for improvement to enable him to successfully deliver his business outcomes
    • Providing the opportunity to reflect upon career goals and a medium term business plan for his own future development and progression.

    By providing coaching and mentoring support the director was able to lead a number of business improvements and find an approach to develop his career within the organisation.  We were invited to offer further support to middle managers who were broadening their job roles and also having to lead major changes and support organisational change.   Both projects were seen as a success by the Chief Executive as the major sponsor for the programme of work.

    Our Focus

    We help leaders to purposefully reflect upon their current challenges, and the way that they currently deploy time and resources to meet business objectives.  Helpfully challenging current mindset and belief systems about the role and function of leadership and management to gain understanding about where to focus your effort. Together we will identify practical and pragmatic ways of getting improved personal, and organisational performance, and delivering positive results in work and life.

    Our one to one support will help you to cut through to the nub of your personal challenges and help you to facilitate a way forward that will give you: –

    • Clarity around the key business issues that you are facing, and a clear plan to tackle them
    • New capabilities, and capacity to meet future challenges 
    • Greater personal job satisfaction
    • Strategies to deal more effectively with difficult people or situations in your working life

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